Course fee: 2,500 CAD (both regular students and volunteers)

Fee includes: housing, lunch and dinner from Mondays to Fridays, trips to sites and museums, museum tickets, transportation to and from the dig.

Fee does not include: round-trip international airfare; passport; food during weekends; personal travel/activity/spending money; tuition for full credit course (for students of CLST 409/CLAS 809).

A visa is not required, unless you wish to stay in Italy longer than 90 days.

Accommodation and meals: Students who are participating in the Caere Excavation are housed in rental properties in in the town of Cerenova, about 3 km from the dig site and 1 km from the beach. Units are for 3 to 8 persons each and have a small kitchen. The larger ones also have washer. However, there are no dryers. There are drying racks available for use in the properties.

Please be advised that these units were designed for family vacations, so in each there are also double beds, some of which cannot be split. Chances are you will have to share a bed.

The town itself is also home to many amenities such as restaurants, grocery stores, gelaterias, Internet cafes and shops. The town is also within walking distance from the black sand beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Breakfast: self-catering. Please note that Italians generally eat pastries for breakfast. There are rarely savoury breakfast options.

Lunch: A sandwich and a bottle of water delivered at the dig site from a local deli.

Dinner: at a buffet restaurant and pizzeria at Cerenova. A main course and a side of your choice and a bottle of water. There are a variety of food options, including vegetarian options.

**Funding opportunities for students who join the course CLST 409

The Department of Classics will offer travel awards to students who join the excavation as students of CLST 409/CLAS 809. Please check with the Department for details. Participants are encouraged to seek outside funding sources. Please check the awards offered by other institutions such as the Etruscan Foundation ( and the American Institute of Archaeology ( Please note that you have to be a member to apply.